Wellnessarea at Nicklass

Enjoy the incomparable good feeling of being in vital best form, every day. We would like to support you in this endeavour. In our Wellness-Zone you will find:

Finnish Sauna
with a large selection of aromas for a relaxing steam bath.

Ice Pit
Crushed ice from the lions head, to cool down the body after the steam bath or sauna.

Saltwater Cave
relax in salt enriched fog and breathe deep to cleanse your lungs and skin. A 20 minute session equals a 2 hour walk along the beach.

Enjoy the warm, bubbling water, enhanced with aromas.

Lie on a 36 degree warm waterbed and let yourself be massaged by soft jets of water. This can also be enjoyed fully clothed.

Heat Bank
After the sauna, relax on comfortably tempered mosaic tiles and let your soul dangle.

Shower Experience
The cave shower offers you a selection of northern mint-fog, tropical rain or light massage shower.

Aroma Steam bath
Let hot steam help you relax, with or without aroma additives.

The Wellness-Zone is open daily from 17.00 – 21.00 hrs.
Saturday and Sunday between 16.00 – 21.00 hrs.

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